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DONATE to help our community recover from Hurricane Matthew

The aftermath of Matthew's deluge has caused normally tranquil rivers to swell to record levels. Princeville, a town settled by freed slaves in the late 1800s, is among the most severely hit. MMA is collecting donations of all sorts including: clothing, school supplies, and financial support. Contact Brandy Chappell, or Jennifer Craddock, for more information.
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The Washington Post Covers Devastation in Princeville

In a Thursday afternoon news conference, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) announced 17 storm-related deaths following Hurricane Matthew and discussed the rising floodwaters in multiple cities and counties. Millions of gallons of water are currently flowing into the Tar River, which borders towns including Tarboro and Princeville.

“Princeville is going through the peak at this point in time on the Tar River. Most of that town has been evacuated,” McCrory said. “Sadly, they have a history of flooding, but that county has done an outstanding job in that evacuation.”
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