I am so excited to know that now we can have more contact through this page so you are able to have wider information about me and to be in touch with instructional material (worksheets, graphic organizers, homework, general information etc.).
  • My full name is Ferney(1st name) Gustavo(2nd name) Parra(1st last-name) Delgado(2nd last-name).
  • I am 28 years old and my birthday is on February 2nd.
  • I am from Bucaramanga, Colombia where all my family currently live.
  • I graduated from Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia in Basic Education with English-Spanish emphasis in 2011. Additionally, I made a specialization at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Teaching English as Foreign Language in 2014.
  • I started formally as an English teacher in Bucaramanga in 2007 and I have had experience working with students from elementary school to professionals in different companies such as Ecopetrol (petroleum company), Comfenalco Santander (elementary school) and now Martin Millennium Academy, among others.
  • I have a big family in Colombia, my mother Myriam Delgado; my father Gustavo Parra and his wife Lyda Real; my three brothers Howard, Jonathan and Sebastian; my sister Sofia; and my nephew Juan Esteban among a large number of aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.
Here I am going to show you a slide presentation so you can get to know me better. I really hope you enjoy it!

Please keep visiting my page to have information, have fun and be updated with our Spanish Immersion Class!


Leader of the Week

Kamryn Shaw


Kamryn Shaw is our leader of the week (Nov 28 - Dec 2). She won a total of 38 DOJO points in only one week.
Keep up the Great Work Kamryn!
I encourage all of you to work hard to be also the Leader of the Week to be recognized and posted here!


Special Shout Outs

This one goes to some students and families who brought some cheer to Princeville Elementary and contributed to show solidarity with the community. Thanks a lot for your presents!
  •  Kamryn Shaw.
  • Liam Long.
  • Angel Yelverton.
  • Alyssa Cherry.
  • Stephen Ribustello.
  • Caitlyn Anderson.
 Thanks for the Great Work and keep showing leadership to your classmates.


VIF International Education at MMA

On Thursday December 8th we celebrated an event to remark MMA as a Global School, in which all VIF teachers had the chance to show about our countries and cultures. During the event we enjoyed songs, dances, food-drinks, instruments, outfits, handcrafts and much more. The 17 international teachers are so glad to have this space to share.
I want to give especial thanks to the students who represented our 3rd Immersion Program performing a song in Spanish.
  • Kamryn Shaw.
  • Angel Yelverton.
  • Caitlyn Anderson.
  • Ke'Ziyah Pittman.
  • William Freeman.
  • Saniya Somerville.
Thanks to all for coming! 

Here some memories...


Colombian Traditions for Christmas

Dia de Velitas (candles day):

Candles day is celebrated in Colombia every December 7th (some places 7th and 8th) lighting a candle with a purpose/intention/wish and/or a person in mind. It started as a catholic tradition since 1854 to adore La Inmaculada Virgen Maria (Jesus mother) using light to represent her delivery. It has become a very strong tradition in Colombia that now people from different religions keep doing it.

Here I am showing you some pictures of my family (Wilson, Stella, Andres, Mayra, Eder, Santiago, Samuel, Juan Jose y Juan David) celebrating Candles Day in Colombia  and me with some Colombian friends (Julian, Andrea, Maria Claudia, Sandra y Diana) celebrating it here in Tarboro, NC.

Enjoy the pictures and keep visiting ahead to learn more...


Friendly Reminders  

  •  On Thursday afternoon we are awarding the DOJO class points. Each student that has scored 120 points or more will be able to participate in this event.
  • On Friday afternoon we will celebrate our Christmas party. Please, remember to bring the item assigned to your child.
  • keep an eye on this blog since I will be adding some shout outs, pictures and awards.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.